Website Buyers

Vision Group Management (VGM) provides tools, training, and services to individuals and companies who acquire websites.

Website Acquisition Services

Are you planning to purchase multiple websites over time? We provide acquisition services for website buyers with more than $25,000 to spend on building a portfolio of established websites. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the criteria for the type of sites you want to buy.
  2. We present new potential deals every week from website owners who’ve expressed interest in selling.
  3. You can pass on the deal or accept the deal.
  4. If you accept the deal, we work with the you to negotiate the price, transfer the assets, and get all agreements signed.

Other Services For Website Buyers Include:

  • ​Website Finding Services
  • Risk Assessment Services
  • Website Valuation Services
  • Asset Transferring Services
  • Virtual Property Management
  • Established Websites For Sale
  • Website For Sale Filtering Tools
  • Website Valuation Tools

Connect With Other Website Buyers

​The Rhodium Group includes 15-20 online entrepreneurs with varying degrees of experience.  Some buy and hold large sites ($1m+), some buy sites under $10k.  All are looking for sites to buy and or sell. The group typically meets once a month on a Thursday around 8:00am Pacific US time.

The Internet Investment Summit brings together full time website buyers, sellers, brokers, investors and those just getting started in the business.  Build your knowledge, network and net worth by attending the next Internet Investment Summit.

Training Solutions For Website Buyers

The Internet Investment Formula is an online training programs designed by David Gass and Chris Yates with over 40 videos to help website buyers find the strategies, tips and information they need to grow their online acquisition business.


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